Saturday, July 21, 2007

Apple on Pottery Dish

Yesterday it poured rain again. We're having a record-breaking summer. First we suffered through days of excessive heat, now were having day after day of record-breaking rain showers. It feels like winter again. I guess that's why I am back to painting still life. My inspiration seems to change with the weather. My effort yesterday was an apple on a Pottery Barn saucer. Painting the saucer was the most fun. It appears to be a simple stonewear saucer with a sienna colored edge, but that light colored plate had many more colors than one would first imagine--blue, yellow, violet, sienna, green. It was a delightful challenge. This painting is 8 x 10 on Gessoboard.

1 comment:

anodyne said...

I love the green of the apple. Every single shade of it. Gorgeous.