Monday, December 21, 2009

Carbon River Miniature Oil Painting

Last fall on one of my bicycle trips through the Orting Valley in Pierce County, Washington State, I snapped a picture of trees on the bank of the Carbon River. Eventually, the photograph came forward and inspired this little 3x5 inch oil painting. The size is smaller than my usual small format paintings. There are many artists that paint even smaller using brushes with only one or two bristles and a toothpick. I don't have quite that much patience. Nevertheless, it took me a long time to develop this one to my liking. At first, the paint sunk in and created dull results. Since I like my paintings vibrant, I reworked it a second time after it was dry. The results were much better the second time over, but my next challenge was the photography. Not being a professional photographer by any means, I kept getting blurry results and the colors still seemed dull. Perhaps it is the size, perhaps the lighting in the gray depths of winter, but I've finally settled on this photo of my little painting. It is still much more attractive in person. When it finally dries, it will be listed for sale at Small Impressions Gallery . I still have several of these 3x5 inch canvases in my studio. Perhaps I'll have to invest in some toothpicks and small brushes.
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