Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carbon River Adventure

Yesterday I took a wonderful bicycle ride that paralleled the Carbon River in Washington State. When we headed up the trail, the sky was gray and few people were about. Then, as we approached the portion of the trail near the river, people carrying fishing poles were everywhere. As we passed the river, fishermen were standing shoulder to shoulder. I remember one man climbing up the bank with a big salmon hanging from each hand. As the scene unfolded, I cursed myself for having left my camera at home. Although this ride is one of my favorite, I have photographed it hundreds of times and with the gray skies I decided there would be nothing new. I was so wrong. As we pedaled slowly forward, enjoying the action, the sun came out. It was the most gorgeous morning and I cursed my lack of camera again. When the trip concluded and I was home again, I recalled this painting of the river from a previous trip. The painting is an 8x10 inch oil painting on a hardboard panel. It is a favorite of mine and is now for sale at my Etsy Gallery. View it in the gallery here.

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