Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Gray Bunny

When my daughter was small, she had several pet bunnies. Though they lived in a hutch in the backyard, she used to put them on a leash and let them walk around like they were actually trained or something.  They were really darned cute.  The memory of those cute little guys made painting this little one even more fun.   I couldn't wait for the paint to dry so I could share this fun little portrait.  He is on a 4x5 inch canvas panel and has SOLD, but I have several other bunny paintings that are drying and will be placed in my Etsy Shop as soon as the paint is dry.  It has been a fun little series to work on. Please visit. 


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Great little painting. The eye is FABULOUS!
I came over from the radish painting on DPW - love it!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks--so glad you like it!