Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hiking in April

For the past three years, I have visited Central Oregon in April. I'm anxious for my upcoming trip in a few weeks.  While we are there, we hike, ride bicycles, and enjoy a change of scenery.  It doesn't rain as much in Central Oregon as it does on the West Coast of Washington State, so it is always a relief to find a little sunshine.  This painting was inspired by a hike on the River Trail in the Dechutes National Forest.  I've painted it many times and always enjoy revisiting the image.  This time I experimented by using a monochromatic underpainting to get the values and then adding color after the values were in place.  The merging of my underpainting with the additional colors captured perfectly the coolness of an April hike.  The painting was created in oil paint and is 9x12 inches on a gallery-wrapped canvas.  It is for sale and can be purchased from my Etsy shop by visiting this link.  Some of my other landscape paintings that are for sale can be viewed here, here, and here.  Hope you will stop by for a visit.