Saturday, March 8, 2014

Color Scrap Abstract Painting

This painting is called Color Scrap because it resulted from my playing around with color, stamps, chalk, and ink on a scrap of watercolor paper.  It was a fun experiment.  I rarely paint in watercolor anymore, not for any particular reason except that my studio is set up with easy access to my oils and acrylic paints instead.  On this occasion, I noticed a block of watercolor paper which hadn't been used in a long time sitting against the wall. I grabbed it to experiment with some home made stamps and linoleum cuts.  It was just plain fun experimenting.  When I finished, the block went back against the wall without any further intention.  Then, this morning I noticed it again and I liked what I saw.  Photographing it resulted in a really exciting abstract painting.  Reproductions are now for sale from my website.  Please visit here to explore sizes and prices.  There are quite a few reproductions of my abstract paintings in the Abstract Gallery.  I hope you will stop by.

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