Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oregon Landscapes

If you regularly follow my blog, you know that I like to work in a series.  I move from landscapes to still life paintings, and then to abstract subjects. Then I cycle through again.  Painting a variety of subjects and using different approaches helps to keep my work feeling fresh and exciting.  Last week I focused on a series of still life paintings and this week I am working on Oregon landscapes. Since I live in the Northwest and travel the states of Washington and Oregon often, painting the landscapes of this area feels homey and natural. This painting is one of a series of Oregon landscapes that I completed this week.  Prints are available from my website and, as soon as the paint is dry, I will sell the originals in my Etsy Shop, Small Impressions.  The original oil paintings are 5x7 inches, but the reproduction prints can be made in a variety of sizes, some of them quite large.  I hope you will visit my website and see the rest of this series and visit my Etsy Shop to see some of my small original oil paintings.

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