Sunday, November 9, 2014

Evergreen Sentinel

Recently, while walking the dog, I meandered toward a proud Evergreen. The lone fir tree stood tall in the middle of a meadow. It was strong and grizzled having apparently withstood wind, rain, and snow without the support of any other trees. As the breezes tossed its branches and the sun made it sparkle, I knew I had to paint the fellow. I loved the texture and color of the bark and the multitude of greens apparent in its branches. After I finished, I was glad to have taken the time to capture the portrait of this soldier.  The painting is 11x14 inches on stretched canvas and was created with oils. The original painting is available for purchase here at my Etsy shop.  Reproduction fine art prints are available in a variety of sizes on paper and canvas at my website here.  

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