Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birch Tree in the Sky--Original Impressionist Oil Painting

This painting may be finished. I have been tweaking around with it for about two weeks. Inspiration came for this painting from looking up into the limbs of a birch tree on a gorgeous sunny day last fall. I loved the way the sunlight glittered through the golden leaves. The painting is 18 x 24 inches on stretched canvas.
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A Painting A Day by Diana Marshall said...

This painting reminds me of some photos I took in a Washington fall when visiting my daughter there. What impressed me was the sky seemed so huge and the fall colors so amazing. Your painting seems to capture those stunning colors
P.S. I live in Spain

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Fabulous composition!

Chuck Law said...

This is beautiful Nancy,

..especially that bright spot where the sun is glittering through. Nice work!!

Melanie said...

i've always thought about painting something like this - but have been too intimidated by it!
this is really beautiful... that blue just speaks to me.

Mra said...