Friday, April 4, 2008

Country Road--Original American Landscape Oil Painting

I played with color again today. This 9 x 12 oil painting on stretched canvas was begun with an underpainting using three values of Grumbacher Red. The canvas where the sky was to be painted, I left untouched. I started by painting the sky with a combination of Cobalt Blue, Titanium White. I then mixed several shades of green from a combination of Cadmium Lemon Yellow and Mars Black and begin painting the darkest greens first. I left some red showing through because I like the depth it created. I moved from the darkest greens through to the lighter and concluded by using pure Cad Lemon on the focal point--the nearest tree. The shadow was created with a mix of Grumbacher Red and Ultramarine Blue. On the lighter part of the road, I used the sky color. I left the edge of the foliage along side the road untouched so the red of the wash still shows. The very last thing I did was go back and touch up the sky with a tiny touch of Cadmium Yellow and Titanium. This painting took about two hours to complete. I rather like the results and will probably use this approach again with a different subject. I have several in mind and am anxious to try again; unfortunately, I've have some other business to attend to before the opportunity will arise. Until then, I will dream about the color red.
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woolies said...

this is beautiful too!