Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunshine--Original American Landscape Oil Painting

Today's painting is a 5x7 inch landscape oil painting was inspired by a sunny afternoon last weekend. It was wonderful to see the sun poking out again. My idea was to capture the feel of the sun as it filters through the trees and spreads its fingers across the land. Though a little abstract, I like the results.
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BabyLyons said...

You have such talent!!!! I just love your paintings!

Parallax Photo said...

beautiful, you've really captured the golden light!

Beat Black said...

i also like the results.

it was a little chilly today and every time i walked into the shade of a tree i froze! the blue of the trees remind me how much nicer it is to be in the sun.

gorgeous work

Artyfax said...

certainly renders a sunny day. I like the blue shadow for the foreground trees - very effective. John

Francis Shivone said...

I like your work very much. I have your blog site on my igoogle, have added a link to my blog and am posting on your site Saturday.