Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Coastline--American Landscape Oil Painting

Clearly this is a painting that is not one of my usual subjects. The painting resulted from a challenge in an online art forum that I often visit. The challenge was to paint this scene using only two colors plus black and white. The colors I used were yellow ochre and burnt sienna. It was wonderful trying to create the sensation of blue water when blue wasn't on my palette. A mixture of black and white produces a neutral gray that looks blue next to the yellow. The glow in the sky was developed by starting with a wash of burnt sienna that blended into yellow ochre. Over the wash I used the same gray mixture used on the water, letting some of the color show through. I understand why California plein air paintings are so popular; California has a lovely warmth to the landscape that is appealing to northerners with cold hands and feet. When I imagine sitting on a warm coastline such as this one, the chill leaves my bones. The painting is an 8x10 inch oil painting on gessoed hardboard.
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1 comment:

José said...


I like this one.
It has a nice range of values and the chroma is on the right places.
I've recently read about that of white and black making blue near certain colours.
In fact a grey, for insteance can seem yellow.
Our sight is really tricky :-)

Kind regards,