Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Birds--American Gouache Painting

My new set of gouache paints and my friend, Carolyn, inspired this little 4x6 inch painting. I love the paints! They allow for subtle variations that I've never been able to achieve with my oils. They can behave like watercolors with lovely transparency, but not require the preservation of whites that I've always found irritating with watercolor paints.

A couple of weeks ago Carolyn gave me some magazines that are full of beautiful photos of birds, flowers, gardens, and butterflies. I've never been much for finding inspiration from magazines, but the combination of those magazines with my new paints prompted me to create this little painting. It was delightful sitting in the back yard, enjoying some shade, and painting.
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1 comment:

Judy Mackey said...

This is beautiful. The birds are very cute.