Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Value Studies--California Landscape #2

This morning I completed an interesting value study. A couple of weeks ago I did the first part of this experiement. You can see the previous value study here. The first study was created using Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, black, and white. It was a wonderful exercise and I was fairly pleased with the results of the limited palette. The second part of the study which I completed today was to use two complimentary colors plus black and white. I chose Yellow Ochre and Cobalt Blue, plus the black and white. I was anxious to add blue since the first effort didn't have any blue. I didn't like the results on this 8x10 oil study nearly as well. Since the original photograph was warm, the coolness of the blue contributed little. Even though I still had Yellow Ochre to warm it up, the range of warmth was significantly reduced. In addition, I missed the transparency of the Burnt Sienna. I kept wanting a red. Yellow Ochre is an opaque color that doesn't provide the glow of a transparent color. This was a good exercise because I had to work on values and concentrate on warm and cool temperatures, but I also learned that the transparency of a color adds an additional complexity that I like. Maybe I'll try this one again in a few weeks with a different set of complimentaries.
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