Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pair of Pears--Original Still Life Oil Paintings

Today was not a productive day. I think it was the change to daylight savings time that has thrown me off. I spent several hours in the studio this morning and couldn't produce anything worthwhile. Three wiped-off paintings later, I finally decided to prepare some panels instead. In addition to preparing panels, I am selling two little 4x5 inch paintings of pears in my Etsy Gallery. This is one of two I have listed. These little miniature oil paintings are created on 4x5 inch canvas panels. I like the colorful nature and visualize them brightening up a little corner of someone's kitchen. The other pear painting can be viewed here. In a few minutes I'm going back to my studio and dig around a little. I think there are several more in this little series that might look nice in a grouping. Looking forward to a good night's rest and a more productive day tomorrow.

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