Sunday, March 1, 2009

Morning Melon--American Still Life Oil Painting

This morning when I got up, the sun was shinning and it seemed spring had arrived. Quickly I got ready for the day, planning for a refreshing morning walk, but before I could get out the door, the weather had changed and rain was falling. Disappointed in the sudden change, I started thinking about memories of spring and summer. Watermelon is an icon of summer, so I decided if the weather wouldn't cooperate, at least something of summer could join me in the studio. Eventually I produced this little watermelon portrait. It makes me even more excited for warm weather and sunshine. When it dries I will probably list it for sale in my Etsy Gallery or I might do a large version of it for Impressions Gallery at 1000 Markets. Until then, I'm still longing for warmth and sunshine.
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1 comment:

José said...

Hi Nancy,

It seems that you've just invented a new red : "juicy red" :-)

Kind regards,