Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions--American Landscape Oil Paintings

Today I find myself having to choose five paintings for entry into an upcoming regional art show. Northwest themes are expected, so I've combed through my collection of works, trying to pick some 8x10 inch paintings. This 8x10 inch oil painting of a sunrise over Mount Rainier, a Northwest icon, is one I've always liked. It will probably be one of the five. It is always a challenge for me to choose from my own works--what I like isn't necessarily what appeals to others. I've lined up about ten paintings, will stare at them for a day or two and ask anyone willing to give an opinion before making a final choice.
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Christine said...

This is really fantastic! I love the way you made the mountain in the distance looser and the colors you chose. Well done!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thank you; I'm glad you like it!