Sunday, May 31, 2009

Morning Meadow--Original Landscape Oil Painting

This weekend I spent some time practicing the painting fog and falling in love with some new color combinations. My new favorite tube color is M. Graham's Azo Green and my new favorite mixture is Sap Green and Dioxazine Purple. I usually order my paint from Dick Blick, but ran out of white and didn't have time to wait for an order. Visiting the local Artco to pick up a tube of Titanium, I noticed they had increased their selection of M. Graham paints, one of my favorite brands. Being a paint addict, I bought a tube of Azo Green just to test it out. It is a lovely transparent yellow-green that mixes well with the Sap Green that is a staple on my palette. I also experimented with adding Dioxazine Purple to Sap in order to get a dark green. Usually I mix Sap and Ultramarine Blue for a dark green, but the Sap and purple mixture is so intensely dark that I'm not sure I'll ever go back to my old Sap/blue combo. The new combo is perfect for painting the darkest of evergreens so common here in the Pacific Northwest. Today's painting was the result of some of my fog practice with a tiny bit of Azo Green highlighting the evergreens. It is 8x10 inches on a gessoed hardboard panel. When it dries, I will either put it up for sale at Impressions Gallery or create a larger version. I have a number of 18x24 and 24x30 canvases that are crying out for paint.
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