Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feeling Misty

I've been on a grand adventure the past few days. This painting represents how I've been feeling--things are a bit unclear, but I know there is some sunshine underneath the fog. The adventure has to do with purchasing new shoes and clip-in pedals for my bicycle. I've never had clip-in pedals before, just stuck with the pedals that came on my bike. This summer, however, I've noticed that as I climbed hills, my feet were slipping off the pedals and I was feeling very inefficient, often the last person to get to the top of the hill in spite of my hard work. I've been told many times that clip-in pedals would help me, but I've been reluctant because everyone I know who clips in to their pedals has taken spills. I'm a big chicken; I didn't want to fall. But, I took the plunge, purchased pedals and shoes and took to the road. Sure enough, two falls, a skinned elbow and knee, but going up hills was like sliding on butter. I'm still on the learning curve, things are a bit misty, but I know there is some sunshine coming when I master my new pedals. My painting is 16x20 inches, oil on stretched canvas. Eventually it may find its way into my gallery at Etsy. For now, it is on the drying rack awaiting the future.

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