Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Painting those Tall Trees

In the summer I seem to notice the heighth of the trees more than any other time of year. Perhaps it is because I spend more time outside or maybe it is because of the cover of leaves that emerges when the weather warms. Whastever the case, this painting was inspired by the stands of tall trees that I notice each summer. Though the trees are tall, the painting is small. It is 5x7 inches and completed with oil paint on a canvas panel. This little gem is now for sale for $35.00 plus $6.50 for shipping to US addresses. A collection of these small paintings works well in little alcoves. I have six of them framed on the wall of my guest bathroom. It makes it feel like I'm in a little forest with scenes of nature all around. You can view more of my little landscape oil paintings at Painting Small Impressions. They make for wonderful little groupings.

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