Sunday, May 1, 2011

. . . and Then the Sun Came Out

On Friday night I left town for the coast, took my paints and hoped the weather would warm up. Arriving in the dark, the wind was blowing like crazy and I wondered about my choice for weekend relaxation. When I awoke Saturday morning, it was beautiful. The sun was out, and even though it was cold, I was happy to see it. By the time I finished painting these three little pears, the air had warmed and I was able to go outside to play. My bicycle got a workout, the beach and I communicated for a while, and then I painted some more. It was a lovely weekend.

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A Time For Art~Daily Paintings by Kristen Dukat said...

oh yea for you! We've had atrocious weather here in Ohio too so I know what if feels like when the sun comes out! Great painting!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks, Kristen. I'm hoping we see that sunshine a little more in the near future; it's been a really ugly winter and a wet, wet spring.