Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Roosting in the Hen House

Often, when a painting isn't turning out the way I like, I'll wipe it off the canvas and set the canvas aside.  The wipe off leaves color, but not any discernible image. When it dries, into a bin it goes.  I have a box of canvases that have the residue of an unsuccessful paintings.  The funny thing is, days later, when the canvas is dry, that  left over color provides me with some crazy, abstract inspiration.  This little 6x6 inch painting is the result of some of that kind of inspiration.  I can't remember what was originally painted on the canvas, but the wipe out left a beautiful dark red, a wonderful color for the deep recesses of a happy little chicken coop and a pair of roosting fowl.  I am happy with the resurrection and have placed the painting for sale in my Etsy Shop, Small Impressions Paintings.  It can be viewed in the shop or purchased at this link.

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