Sunday, October 23, 2011

Up the Hill on a Bicycle

Finally, my house is in order after several weeks of chaos.  The carpets are new, the studio is organized, and I spent the morning enjoying peace, quiet, and paint.  The result is today's little 5x7 inch oil painting that was inspired by one of my favorite bicycle rides.  In Point Defiance Park at the North End of Tacoma in Pierce County, Washington is where one will find this magnificent ride.  The road through the park is one way and the speed limit for automobiles is 25 miles an hour.  The foliage is beautiful and old growth trees line the scenic path.  Puget Sound viewpoints are sprinkled along the way and rolling hills create a wonderful challenge.  This little painting is based on the first part of the trip through the park's Five-mile Drive.  When traveled by car, it seems like a slight incline, but on a bicycle, it feels a lot longer and steeper.  Some of the friends I ride with call it "The Monster,"  but I've grown to love this fun little challenge.  Slipping into the low gear, keeping a steady pace, and looking for landmarks that signal progress has made this pathway one I love.  The tree in this painting is one of my beloved landmarks.  It signals the halfway point on the trek up the hill.  Visit my Etsy Shop, Small Impressions Paintings and where it can be purchased or viewed in the shop.  Click  this link to view it.

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