Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Abstract Chicken Painting

This abstract chicken painting is the result of a recent journey in experimentation with acrylic paints.  I've always painted in oils and that has been my paint of choice, but it does have draw backs.  It takes a long time for the paint to dry.  If a painter fusses too much, the colors become muddy.  There are health issues associated with many of the chemicals used, but I've always been more comfortable with oils.  I guess because using oil paint was a very early and pleasant experience in my life.  However, as you may have noticed if you keep up with my blog, I've been doing a lot of work in acrylics.  Acrylics also have disadvantages, but for me the biggest one has always been that they dry too fast.  But, since I discovered the Stay-Wet palette, that issue has disappeared. With that obstacle out of the way, I've discovered some wonderful advantages that are starting to steal my heart.  If a painting doesn't turn out like I like, I just paint over it.  I can fuss and fuss and fuss, and if the colors get muddy, wait a few minutes, the paint is dry and I can start all over again.  So this chicken is the third painting I've done on the same canvas.  The first two were ugly disasters that I freely covered.  No wasted canvas, no regrets and a wonderful texture covers the canvas.  I love this abstract chicken. I've nurtured him, and now he is finished.  Both the original 11x14 inch painting and prints in several sizes on several surfaces are available for purchase.  Visit here for details and a larger image.

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