Friday, April 5, 2013

Fire and Ice

There is a story behind this 24x30 inch abstract.  It starts this way:  Last week I took a much needed vacation to Central Oregon, one of my all time favorite places to visit.  I had planned to do many things:  paint outdoors, hike, take lots of reference photos, bicycle, and relax.  First day there, I enjoyed a delightful mountain bike ride through the desert scrub of the Central Oregon landscape.  There is a lot of dust, scrubby pine trees, and rocks.  It was glorious until I hit a rock that threw me off the bike.  I landed on my knee and that was the end of the ride.  I limped back about a mile to the end of the trail.  With a fractured tibia, the rest of my plans went on the shelf.  Today I am back home.  I wanted to paint something large that would help relieve my frustrations at the slow pace I now keep and the loss of a well-deserved vacation.  The result is this painting which I call Fire and Ice.  It is metaphoric on many levels as you might imagine.  Prints are available here.

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