Friday, November 8, 2013

Violet Shapes

A friend of mine gave me an African Violet that he grew from a leaf.  He said the plant from which he took the leaf had been around for years.  The plant was healthy and happy, so I was inspired to paint.  This is a bird's eye view of one of several African Violets that I now own.  The original painting was created on an 8x10 inch gallery canvas with oil paints.  I began with a red under painting and added layers of color to develop the image.  Reproduction prints are available for sale at my website, and when the paint dries on this I will probably sell it in my Etsy Shop with some of my other still life paintings.


Atul Pande said...

Beautiful painting with an interesting vantage point.

Charles Flaum said...

interesting vantage point. Lighting For Artwork