Monday, December 3, 2007

Walk in the Woods--Original American Landscape Oil Painting

Today I am violating my policy of sharing only my small works in this blog because I had so much pleasure in creating this 18 x 24 landscape oil painting. Yesterday I stumbled across the web site of Canadian artist, Brian Simons. He creates beautiful representational paintings of a variety of subjects. His work is colorful and painterly. He also offers workshops and has written a book, Seven Steps to a Successful Painting. Although I had never purchased a downloadable book before, I took my chances and purchased the condesnced e-book edition. His instruction is clear, concise, and directed toward beginners. His instructions are for those interested in learning about acrylic painting, but the concepts are easily applied to oils as you can see by the results of my painting. The most exciting part of the book for me is that he recommends starting with a canvas that is at least 24 x 30, only a few brushes, and a limited palette. If you have been considering picking up a paintbrush, I'd certainly recommend looking into the instruction Brian offers.
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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful - my favorite on this page! I think it's the warm colors that make it so appealing...lovely work!
conni togel (

Stink Bone Jones said...

I like this one the best! It makes me feel happy and warm when I look at this painting. I live in Florida so I have to look at a painting to feel happy in fall :)