Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy Day--Nisqually at Rainier--Origianl Landscape Oil Painting

The last couple of days has been a whilrwind of activity. I've been painting like mad, preparing boards, had my new bike tuned up, and discovered my Etsy Shop has been cited as a favored shop by Etsy seller, Acorn Beach, in a blog interview. If you scroll to the bottom of the interview, she mentions her five favorite Etsy Shops and I'm one of them! It is so nice to be appreciated.

Today's painting is a 5x7 inch oil that was inspired by my recent trip to Mt. Rainier National Park. Not long after entering the park, visitors discover that the Nisqually River parallels the road. There are wonderful viewpoints of the river all along this road. Shortly though, the road meaders back into the forest and the river continues splashing its way toward Puget Sound. It was a pleasure to recreate a memory of my stop at the Nisqually River at Mount Rainier.
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