Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goldfinch--Original American Gouache Painting

I'm still working large, but it is time to let my work dry before proceeding further. While waiting for the oil paint to dry, I'll share this little 4x6 gouache painting of the Washington State Bird, the Goldfinch. They are beautiful little birds that are seen far too seldom. Perhaps a bird house and a birdbath in my backyard would attract more of these delightful little creatures. Since it is a beautiful summer evening; I may have to paint another bird. I've seen some Hummingbirds lately hovering amongst the flowers.
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Stick Nymph said...

I love this! Just yesterday I saw a pair of Goldfinches picking out the seeds from the middles of our Sunflowers.

earmark said...

your work is fantastic! i love it all!