Sunday, April 26, 2009

Companion of Diana Statue--Miniature Oil Painting

I have looked at the reference for this Different Strokes Challenge painting for over two weeks. Figure painting is not a skill that I'm comfortable with. Proportions and values are king. Off just a bit and the figure looks deformed. Incorrect values and the figure looks flat rather than dimensional. I know this is what a challenge is all about, but my strength sometimes falters. Today, with gritted teeth, I finally jumped in and took the challenge. Now that I've finished, I'm glad I did it. I'll look forward to the next challenge. At least my version looks similar to the marble statue it was intended to represent. My version is 5x7 inches, oil, on hardboard panel. Other challenge entries can be found here.
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dominique eichi said...

Well that is the beauty if these challenges and you did good. like your choice of palette also.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thank you, Dominique!