Friday, April 17, 2009

Wenatchee River--American Landscape Oil Painting

Today's painting was created in response to the Wetcanvas April Lanscape Challenge. At the beginning of the month three photos are posted and forum readers create their version of any or all of the selected photos, posting them in the thread. I was very pleased to see a Washington State River, the Wenatchee River ,was a choice for one of this month's photos. This painting is a 9x12 inch oil painting on a recycled, hand-stretched canvas. I love canvases that I stretch myself. The stretcher bars are sturdy and the canvas is heavy, much better than most ready-made surfaces. There was apainting I didn't like on this canvas, but because of the amount of work entailed in tearing the canvas off and restretchung with new canvas, I just painted over it. The previous layer of paint provided a great underpainting and the texture interesting. I'm pleased with the results. When it is dry, I will paint the 1-1/2 inch sides and list it for sale in my 1000 Markets gallery, Impressions Gallery.
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