Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking for Summer

Walking through this field on a warm summer day is where I want to be right now. This painting reminds me of leisurely summer days and makes me want to step right into it. It is 8x10 inches on a gessoed hardboard panel, but I'm really tempted to paint a larger version of it--the bigger the better. As it is, I can't quite fit myself through the opening--maybe a a bigger picture plane would allow me to hoist myself into the scene. Do you think it will work? Maybe a size like 24X36 inches? Maybe I would fit. I do wish it were so. There is so much fun in dreaming.
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Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I'm loving this Nancy, and I feel the same!! How I long to walk along that path and find that tree. Your vibrant colors are what bring me back again and again!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks Saundra--maybe in a few months our dreams will come true!