Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Struggling to Be Loose

Today's painting is one of a series of six 5x7 inch paintings I completed as an exercise in loosening up my painting. Lately I've frustrated myself with a perfectionistic streak. As common sense dictates, humans are imperfect, so perfection is an unrealistic and full of disappointment. The irony is, my preference in art is toward the painterly and loose, but somehow I found myself fussing over detail. The result was that the more I fussed, the worse the painting became. Then, I ran across an exercise at the Wetcanvas Forum that was designed for acrylic painting, but the ideas translated well to the practice of oil painting. I completed the exercises and allowed my work to be imperfect. It felt good. This painting is my favorite in the series. You can view the others here.

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