Monday, October 4, 2010

Reflecting, A Contemplative Pear

Before I begin a painting, I like to reflect on how I will approach the subject. I always consider what kind of wash I will use, what kind of underpainting will take place, the color choices, mixes, composition, and what feels like a million other little decisions. This 5x7 inch pear painting represents those moments before I begin to paint when I'm contemplating the task before me. Sometimes a painting seems to create itself. Other times, not. Sometimes it turns out as planned, and sometimes I discover my plan was not well conceived. As I reflect on the outcome of my efforts, I can already see some changes that I want to make. Perhaps the subject will emerge again in a somewhat different composition, on a different size surface, with a different color combination, or with a different tint to the initial wash. There are a million choices that make painting a wonderful challenge, one I continue to enjoy day after day, painting after painting. When it dries, this painting will join some of my other small paintings at the Small Impressions Gallery at Etsy. Until then, I will be reflecting and preparing for my next challenge.
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