Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lemon Binge

I'm back to painting lemons again--guess I am on a binge. The smell of fresh lemons and the yellow warmth keeps me coming back to this tropical subject. If I could only be picking these off a tree in a sunny climate, my dreams would come true. The painting is 5x7 inches on a canvas panel. Now that it is dry, it has joined some of my other tropical fruit paintings at the Small Impressions Gallery. Click here to view it in the gallery or put it in a shopping cart.
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Linda K. Nickles said...

Great composition, and color. I can almost taste these juicy lemons!

Travveller said...

Ooh, when I looked at these, my mouth was flooded with the taste of lemon meringue pie!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks--It is nice to hear such kind words. This painting was a joy to paint. :)