Friday, February 25, 2011

Apples and Snow

Yesterday snow blew into my life. In Western Washington State, snow is uncommon. We receive a dusting several times a year, but unlike other parts of the country, we don't spend weeks and weeks under a blanket of it. It is a mild climate, but because we are not used to the daily drudgery of a snow-covered landscape, most of us just stay in the house and keep warm. School is cancelled and offices are closed. As a result, subjects for yesterday's paintings felt limited. My collection of photos has been sorted too many times and my inspiration lagged. Apples in my refrigerator were one of the few objects that seemed to provide some color to my day. This is one of two paintings that resulted from my discussion with the apples. I was quite excited today when a contact at Flickr sent me a note that this painting had been included in a blog entry at Time and the Apple was a fun read and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. This painting is 5x7 inches on a canvas panel and has SOLD. If you click the links, you can view some of my other fruit and tripical fruit paintings that are currently for sale.

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canvas artwork said...

i always favour these type of paintings, iused to do some like these when i was at school.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks--so glad you like it!