Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Glass and Daisy

A few weeks ago, I began to run out of the small 5x7 inch canvas panels that I usually use for my daily painting.  Usually I order them in bulk and have them sent to my house rather than going to the local discount craft shop where they charge way too much for panels of poor quality.  But, because it is summer and I've been traveling quite a bit, I haven't been home long enough for any kind of delivery.  I didn't want a large order to sit on my front porch for a week or more until I got home.  Consequently, I've been painting larger on  canvases that have been sitting in my closet waiting for just the right subject. It has been a real pleasure to move to bigger canvases and I've decided that "the right subject" is the one that inspires me at the moment.  The size is really not important.  I especially enjoyed painting these little glass jars and had to place a flower in one just to add a little spice.  The painting is 9x 12 inches and will be offered for sale this fall when I begin focusing on sales in my Etsy Shop again. 

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