Sunday, July 31, 2011

Across the Field

It seems my inspiration comes in runs of still life work, then landscape, then some animals.  My attention on a particular subject seems unable to stay focused on one genre for more than a few weeks or so lately.  Luckily I can paint more than one thing!  This week I have begun  landscape work again.  My intention this summer was to paint some larger landscapes, but I've strayed into other directions.  Maybe this little sprint of small landscapes will lead to something larger.  This painting is a 5x7 inch oil study that may have some potential for larger work if I can keep my attention focused.  Too much summer fun seems to be getting in the way. The painting can be viewed in the Small Impressions Gallery here and purchased for $40.00 plus shipping to US addresses.

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Anonymous said...

I love these smaller works, Nancy. Fabulous use of colour!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks, Tony--I appreciate your kind words.