Friday, July 29, 2011

Hosta Bloom

The flowers in my yard are prolific right now.  I've had a fun day picking and painting some of the blooms.  I know they will fade soon, so it has been fun to take advantage of the season.  This bloom was picked from one of my Hosta plants.  The large colorful leaves are what most people enjoy about these delightful plants, but they also produce a delicate little stalk of flowers.  The strange thing is, I noticed on each stalk that all the flowers face the same direction.  They must be looking at the sun.  It was tempting to take some artistic license and place some of the blooms on the opposite side of the stalk, but I painted them as they were and enjoyed adding the shadow they produced on the wall behind the vase.  This painting and several other little floral paintings I've produced the last couple of days are for sale at my Etsy shop, Small Impressions Paintings. Visit this link to view the painting in the shop and make a purchase or click here to see all of my small floral paintings for sale.

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