Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birds, Birds, Birds

On my usual rotation of subjects, I have gravitated to birds.  I like to paint these little fellows on small canvases.  Small birds, small canvases seems appropriate, so this week I went bird crazy. As they dry, the originals will be listed for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Of the five that emerged from my brush, this little Chickadee is my favorite.  I love the neutral colors and the warm pink glow as he sits on a branch on watches the world go by.  The original is 4x6 inches and was created with oil paints. Since the paint is still wet, he isn't for sale yet, but keep checking my Etsy Shop and the Birds and Animals link. He and some of his siblings will be showing up soon,  If you can't wait, reproduction prints are available from my website or you can click on the Prints Tab at the top of the page and explore the Birds Gallery.