Friday, December 5, 2014

Collage Exploration

Recently my art has moved away from traditional subjects to the abstract.  This is my usual cycle.  I love to paint representationally, especially with oil paints, but inevitably, I need a break.  This is when I move to the abstract.  I like to explore new techniques and work with old media in new ways. This image is a mixed media collage that I recently finished.  It incorporates paper, ink, pencils, and paint. Arranging paper shapes, embellishing with other media, and piling layer upon layer eventually results in a composition that I find pleasing.  This image is one of a current series I am working on. I am exploring different grounds and have made some great discoveries.

This image was created on an 11x14 inch mixed media paper by Strathmore.  It is 140 lbs with a vellum surface and works better than most of the others I have tried so far.

Reproductions of this image are available from my website, here, or by clicking on the prints tab at the top of the page where you can select abstract work from my galleries.

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