Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blue Marsh--Original Miniature Landscape Oil Painting

A few months ago I participated in a landscape challenge in an online forum. There were several reference photos from which participants could select. Each photo contained some type of challenge for a visual artist. I selected a photo of a marsh which contained not only a foggy atmosphere, but a reflection--an unusual combination. Both fog and reflection provide some interesting problems for an artist to solve. My palette usually has a predominantly warm focus, so the cool nature of this painting was also a switch from my usual color selection. This little 5x7 inch miniature oil painting is the result of my efforts. To see more paintings with both a warm and cool palette visit my Etsy Gallery.
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1 comment:

Femin Susan said...

did you draw all these.they are tooo good for words.I wish I could draw like you.Meet me at my blog
Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation