Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Country of Birch --Original American Landscape

The painting of Birch trees is an activity I enjoy from time to time. Their light bark in contrast with the dark limbs and blemishes is fun to recreate. It is a delightful challenge to determine the range of colors which can help develop the illusion of Birch trees. In this particular painting, I used Ultramarine Blue to develop the shadows and darker elements of the trees. Yellow grass and leaves combine well with the blue to create a wonderful, summery green. Clicking on this closeup link provides several clickable thumbnails of this little 5x7 inch landscape oil painting. The same link provides information on purchase of this miniature oil painting. Viewers may also be interested in additional landscape paintings available at my Etsy Shop.
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Brenda said...

I love your paintings - the colors just stimulate the imagination, plus I have always been fascinated by paintings of birch trees.

José said...

Hi Nancy,

You've depicted a convincing depth of field and the well balanced choice of chroma and values contributes to a unified and fluid work.
I quite like this work.

Have a great weekend,