Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summertime--Original Miniature American Landscape Oil Painting

This painting is one of a series I completed this past summer. The others were all much larger paintings, so this 5x7 inch painting is a little bit different just because of its size. What inspired the series was the brilliance of summer folliage and the warmth of the fields. As I painted, I imagined the comfort a summer breeze and the warmth of summer sunshine. As we enter into the fall season, days such as the one depicted in this painting are a gentle memory. The largest painting of this series was 24x30 inches. Detailed thumbnails of this miniature painting can be viewed in my Etsy gallery.
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kim* said...

oh no that one tree is tipping over. :)

Michelle St. John-Brunner said...

beautiful painting! I love landscapes:)

alamodestuff said...

Gorgeous! There is something very intriguing about small paintings.

Love the vibrant colors!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thank you! Thanks you!

Walk in the Woods said...

Just lovely. Truly a little gem. Your work is great!