Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pedaling to Paradise--Original Landscape Oil Painting Miniature

This little 5x7 inch oil painting was inspired by a recent trip to Mount Rainier in Washington State. The Mountain, as it is often called by locals, is a dormant volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range. It towers over Western Washington State at over 14,400 vertical feet. The most amazing discovery of my trip was that people bike up the mountain . There is an annual ride called the RAMROD (Ride around the Mountain in One Day) that includes a climb of 10,000 feet sponsored by the Redmond Cycling Club. The trek is uphill most of that time with constant switchbacks in the road which lengthens the distance a rider must pedal in order to accomplish the feat. The folks that take this ride are atheletes of the sturdiest kind. This painting which commemorates these amazing atheletes recently sold at my Etsy Gallery where more miniature landscape paintings are on display.
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Michelle St. John-Brunner said...

Very nice painting! Love the interesting info about the mountain!

Atul Pande said...

Nancy: This is a very impressive piece. The level of detail in it is incredible for such a small impressionist work.

Nancy Merkle said...