Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alder Lake Autumn--Original American Landscape Oil Painting

This morning was the first foggy day of the fall season. When October rolls around, thick blankets of fog are certain in the Pacific Northwest. Today's painting offers an example of the damp air that accompanies the season. It was inspired by the fog on Alder Lake in Washington State. Alder Lake was created in 1945 with the building of the Alder Lake Dam. It has since become a year round recreation destination. Hearty campers can camp at any one of the four campgrounds at the lake. They are open year around with the exception of about two weeks in late December. Boating, fishing, and hiking are activities that keep visitors busy in the fall season. Closeups of the brush strokes on this painting can be seen at my Etsy Gallery. The painting can be purchased for $125.00 plus $12.00 for shipping to US addresses. Just click on this purchase link.
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