Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evening Ride--American Landscape Oil Painting

Last weekend I took a road trip to the Pacific Coast. It was lovely to see the autumn colors beginning to take over the landscape. I left in the evening and was able to watch the sun set and broadcast a golden glow on the foliage as I passed. This 8x10 inch oil painting was inspired by this experience. When the paint dries, I will place this painting in my Etsy Gallery.
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Betsy said...

I really like the light here. I think I've been on the same road trip sometime, at that same time of day!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks Betsy--I'm glad you like it!

Kymali said...

Beautiful paintings. They make me want to travel. They remind me of when I was a child and we used to take long drives on Sunday afternoons.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks for the kind words!