Sunday, October 19, 2008

New York Stock Exchange--Miniature American Oil Painting

A tough week in the financial markets. This 5x7 inch oil painting was inspired by Karin Jurick's Different Strokes Challenge and documents a historic period in modern American history. Painting this representation presented quite a challenge for me. First it reminded me of tough times, but then it reminded me that this too shall pass. Better days are on the horizon and I'm looking forward. Can't decide whether to sell this one or keep it as a good luck token.
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Angela said...

This is a very nice painting. I think is is good to do challenges sometimes to make ya try something different!

Rob Reeves said...

Love it!
I'd say have it scanned. Keep the original and sell the prints. Some pieces are just for you.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks Rob & Angela! It's certainly a painting that brings mixed emotions for me.