Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grumpy Cow--Original American Cow Portrait

This week when I checked out the Different Strokes Challenge photo, I was thrilled to see that the subject would be a cow. I love to paint cow portraits! While not the largest cow portrait I've ever painted, it does edge out my 5x7 inch Mad Cows , Cow Girls, and Curious Cow paintings. This one is an 8x10 oil painting. She was fun to paint, but looks a little grumpy, thus I've named her the Grumpy Cow. She has already SOLD, but I will be adding new cow paintings to the Etsy Gallery from time to time as well as other animal paintings, so check in often.
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Kathy said...

That is the look I would give my kids when they were doing something they should be doing. I never had to say a word..."the look" was enough. Great painting! Nice blog!


Reny said...

Love the cow!

heidi said...

GREAT cow painting. Look forward to seeing tons and tons of new cow paintings.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thank ou for the very kind words!

Femin Susan said...

your new uploads are too good for words.anyway your both cows are excellent