Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scaling Up --Working Larger--Taking Chances

I'm still working with this same trio of women on the corner. With some suggestions from my friends at the Wetcanvas Forum, I tried a portrait layout of these ladies and lengthened the shadows. They also slimmed down a bit. I moved up to an 18x24 inch canvas. My goal is to create a large painting for the entry at our beach house. The ceiling is nine feet tall and the wall is entirely blank. I want something quite large. A landscape format would cover the wall better, but I want to create something more than just a wall decoration. I'm also considering cropping the top of the figures down to about their waistlines. This is turning out to be a fun experiment. The next version will be 24x30 inches. I have several canvases that size in my basement. I would like to go even larger, but I'll need to build some stretchers and order some more gesso first.
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Femin Susan said...

How do you draw such excellent paintings. Good work..Welcome to my blog